I’m starting to get over you and fast. You make it so easy as if you’re trying to make me dislike you…. My mood swings don’t help with how I’m feeling right now but it’s just resentment. I tried so hard to be a bigger part of your life, got on my hands and knees and did whatever you wanted. Not only that but whatever I could do to make you happy any favour I did it. Well enough is enough, and I’ve been through this before. I’m catching myself before it gets too bad. Maybe it already has, because of all the times I put myself out there for you and put my heart on my fucking sleeve and having you shoot me down when I already felt dead is making me feel like a piece of shit. I’m not scared anymore to admit that I’m special and I deserve some one who realizes that. You’re such a fucking coward you would never do a thing to see my smile and that’s how I know. I know now that you’re not for me and I can’t help but be a little disappointed. Oh well, no body’s loss but yours.